About Norfolk Teaching Schools. 

Sapientia Education Trust Teaching School

The Sapientia Teaching School was launched in 2018 and is based at Wymondham College. The Teaching School has a number of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) who are able to offer support to other schools. We also runs a large Professional Development Programme. Details of our courses can be found on this site.

In addition to 2-year Pathways courses for New and Aspiring Middle Leaders and Senior Leaders, Teaching Assistants,  Sixth Form Teachers and those in Business Support Functions, during the 2019/20 Academic Year the Teaching school is offering over 30 one-off afternoon/evening sessions on topics as diverse as The Primary Curriculum, Sixth Form Teaching, Effective interventions, Difficult Conversations and Effective Feedback. Some of our courses are free, others £20. Our two -year Professional Development Courses are £150 per year. Members of the Teaching Alliance receive a 50% discount on all courses.  If you would like to discuss membership, please contact the Director of Development, Kirsty Bray.  Kirsty.bray@se-trust.org

The Sapientia Teaching School is also able to act as an Appropriate Body to award NQT status. In addition to mentor and ITT co-ordinator support and on-site visits, we support NQTs with 10 sessions of Professional Development covering topics such as Effective Planning, Observations, Behaviour, Academic interventions, Marking, Quality First Teaching and career planning. Details of the full programme, which costs £300 per student, can be found in the ‘Resources’ section of this site.

East Anglian Schools' Teaching Alliance

EASTA is a cross-phase Teaching School Alliance comprised of schools within Norfolk and Suffolk, led by Notre Dame High School in Norwich. Our core purpose is to improve outcomes for all young people. We do this by providing a range of high quality services to schools.

We are passionate in our belief that all members of our community must be life-long learners, and that everything we do must be driven by a genuine commitment to improving pupil outcomes.

We will train, recruit and develop the very best educators, maximising their positive impact and sense of professional fulfilment. We will maintain an unwavering focus on classroom practice, supporting and challenging each other collaboratively yet robustly. We will embed effective practice and reduce ineffective practice by using a judicious mix of research evidence, learning from mistakes, and tailoring approaches so that pupils can aspire to and achieve their highest potential.


The Ignite Teaching School Alliance is focused on bringing high quality development, training and opportunities to the area. As the first nationally designated teaching school in a deprived coastal area, we are totally committed to ensuring that the very best opportunities are delivered and accessible to the local area. Ignite has established an ethos throughout all of its work that all students, regardless of their background, deserve an outstanding education.

Based at Ormiston Venture Academy and drawing on best practice from both within and across an extensive network we are able to offer a wide ranging and high quality package of support for both individuals and schools. The success of recent School Improvement projects and the work with individual schools have shown real impact in not only the school but on students and their learning.

As a partner of the Ambition School Leadership and member of the steering committee we are supporting leaders and their development in the region for both NPQML and NPQSL with a focus on ensuring they are equipped as high impact and effective leaders in their own schools.

Our staff development programs will develop staff at all stages of their career, offering exciting development opportunities and networks to continue their own professional journeys. We work closely within ITT to develop potential educators support their move into a career of teaching. Now in our 3rd year as an NQT awarding body, the quality of our early career teachers and the development they receive has been highly rated and is continuing to grow as a model of best practice.

We work with schools at all phases and are proud of the network of expertise we have across the alliance. Ignite looks forward to working with you.

Inspiration Trust

Inspiration Trust is a multi-academy trust based in Norfolk and north Suffolk. We support a family of 14 academies, train more than 40 teachers a year and offer CPD courses to teachers across the region. We also spearhead Inspiration Teaching School and Angles Maths Hub. 

We believe that every child deserves an excellent education. Our family of schools collaborate, support and innovate to give every child the best start in life. We’re proudly committed to improving the standards of education in the East of England.

We offer a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes and courses, led by Inspiration Trust staff and external participants from across the country.

Our approach to CPD is strategic, targeting the needs of our regional context and local schools in order to have a positive impact on the wider school system.

High quality CPD is the means by which professionals in the education sector maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills. This has a direct benefit for individuals, schools and for the quality of outcomes for our young people.

We offer a suite of leadership programmes to support our teachers’ career development ambitions. This includes NPQML and NPQSL qualifications, delivered by our expert facilitators in partnership with Ambition Institute, and our Aspiring to Headship Programme.

Lionwood Teaching School

Lionwood Teaching School is part of Lionwood Infant and Nursery School, Lionwood Schools Federation and Inclusive Schools Trust. The Teaching School sits within the heart of the Norwich Opportunity Area and works collaboratively with schools to strengthen the system and build capacity across Norfolk.

Lionwood Teaching School supports the vision of the Lionwood Schools Federation and the Trust which is to provide ‘Life-long learning’ for as many pupils across Norfolk as possible. Our desire to be both inward and outward facing in equal balance ensures that we work to maintain high standards within Lionwood Schools and the Trust but also support as many schools as possible to share that relentless pursuit of excellence.  We seize every opportunity to make learning happen and are passionate about the need for bespoke, high quality training and development for staff at all levels.

We want our Teaching School to ‘bend’ and ‘flex’ to the needs of Norfolk Schools. So, whether you are considering becoming a teacher, looking for a specific piece of staff development or are a school leader wanting to become more involved with Teaching School work please take a moment to have a look at our website www.lionwoodteachingschool.co....

The Norwich Teaching School

The Norwich Teaching School Alliance became accredited in April 2013 and comprises of Primary, Secondary and Special schools. Based at Eaton Hall Specialist Academy. Our aim is to support teachers from their NQT year and encourage and develop staff who will grow and become Middle and Senior Leaders in our school in Norfolk.   We work closely with the Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT as a lead school for Initial Teacher training. We think carefully about the school we place trainees in. Making sure the Trainee feels supported all though there training year. We are an accredited Appropriate Body offering a comprehensive Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) induction package, which includes Mentor training and 6 NQT workshops, covering “What to expect, Teaching Strategies, SEN/EAL/Mental Health, questioning strategies, Behaviour which is run by our Ofsted rated outstanding headteacher at Eaton Hall, and Next Steps”. We run Early Career Development program for those in their first 4 years of teaching. Also, we have a rigorous Specialist Leader of Education recruitment process to help give tailored support to Schools. Alongside Hartsmere School, we run National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) for Middle Leaders, Senior Leaders and Head teachers.   We have thought carefully about what it will look like for a new trainee, an NQT and teachers at whatever stage of their career. We see and make the clear link between their progression from Initial Teacher Training to NQT and how it builds into the ongoing development and pathways with continuing professional development. This is done through a carefully tailored programme to develop the teachers and mentors support with the focus on clear and measurable impact in the classroom.   We want to ensure there is fluidity between these career stages and also ensure a more personalised approach to continuing professional development to promote pride in the profession and increase teacher retention.   For more information on any of the above courses or for tailored support for your school contact us at info@norwichteachingschool.co.uk

Norfolk Teaching & Leadership Excellence Centre

The Norfolk Teaching & Leadership Excellence Centre (NTLEC) is the professional development hub based at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form.  NTLEC has been designated as a Teaching School since 2014. Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form is the lead school and we work with an alliance of schools reaching out all the way to the Northern coastal fringe, South to the city and beyond, through to our partner schools in the East of England and North East London region.

We offer a range of professional learning and development opportunities to support Qualified Teachers with a varied knowledge base and experience.  Through our network of schools, we are able to collaborate with outstanding Teachers, Leaders and Departments, to bring your School and Teachers high quality training, shared learning and peer-to-peer support.

We also work in conjunction with the UCL Institute of Education (University College London) to provide nationally recognised qualifications (NPQs) based at our Management Suite, Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form.

The NTLEC Teaching School aims to improve outcomes for children within our schools in Norfolk and further afield, by working together with other schools to share good practice and raise standards.  We can draw upon the wealth of knowledge and experience of our Leadership Team and utilise the talents of our partner schools and a team of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) to provide your school with a bespoke support package.

NTLEC recognises the importance of all staff in the successful running of a school.  We have developed a number of training opportunities for non-teaching staff and would like to tailor our training to meet your needs.   If you have a specific requirement, please let us know.

Sheringham Primary National Teaching School

Sheringham Primary National Teaching School was designated in 2012. Since that time we have worked extensively with many primary schools in Norfolk and beyond to improve the education and experiences of all our children.

A quote we often use in training programmes is:

“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better!” Dylan Wiliam

This encapsulates a lot of what we are about. It applies not just to teachers, but all school staff whatever their role. There is always capacity to grow and improve, to challenge the status quo and look for better ways to support and guide our young people to achieve the best they can and become life-long learners themselves.

We have developed and deliver a range of highly effective CPD offers, from the very successful TA Support Programme to the equally effective Headteacher Support Programme to bespoke offers addressing the particular needs of schools. We work with individual members of staff to whole school staff groups. We have effectively supported many schools to improve and provide our young people with the education they deserve. We have a bank of experienced facilitators, Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) who can be deployed to support school improvement.

Any person, school or association alone is unlikely to have all the answers, but together we are so much stronger and more able to find solutions!

Please contact us at tsadmin@sheringhamprimary.norfolk.sch.uk to discuss how we can support you and your school.